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At Anamo, we’re committed to complying with GDPR. To this end, we offer several data portability and management tools, and we ask for consent for data collection.

Data processing addendum

The terms of the data processing addendum (“Anamo DPA”) available below are hereby incorporated by reference and shall apply to the extent Anamo processes any Personal Data (as defined in the Anamo DPA) that is subject to the GDPR on Customer’s behalf.

Anamo DPA.pdf

Data portability & management tools

  • Import

    We currently provide tools to import from text & markdown files, CSV, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Evernote, and Magento. We plan to add more import options in the future, based on user feedback.

  • Export

    Anamo supports exporting in two ways. It is possible to export orders by navigating to the orders page and selecting the export option from the page menu. This will create a spreadsheet containing all orders in the selected timeframe.

  • Webstore deletion

    A webstore can be deleted at any time from the webstore settings menu. Upon requesting to delete a webstore, all content will immediately become inaccessible. The content will be immediately deleted from our servers and can no longer be recovered.

  • Webstore settings

    We provide tools to manage other webstore settings, such as name, domain, and notification settings from our webstore settings menu.


For European customers, we show a consent dialog during signup that explains our data collection practices. Therefore, our lawful basis for collecting personal data is consent.

We use cookies to securely identify your account and keep you signed in.

We use analytics services to improve the product and troubleshoot customer issues. These include Amplitude, Facebook Messenger, Mixpanel, Segment, Sentry, and Zoho Desk.

A customer may withdraw their consent and delete their account at any time by deleting their webstores via our webstore settings menu.

Data transfers

In light of the recent Schrems II ruling, we rely on standard contractual clauses (SCCs) to ensure appropriate safeguards for personal data transfers from the EU to countries outside of the EU.


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